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Load in turbo mode and adjust loading order by appending e.g:

zi ice wait'0a' lucid …zi light …zi ice wait'0b' lucid …zi light …zi ice wait'0c' lucid …zi light …
Create your own syntax style:
  • The ver'master' - allows to select specific commit, version or branch.
  • It's optional and can be removed if not required.
z_lucid() {  zi ice lucid ver'master' "$@"}zi0a() {  z_lucid wait'0a' "$@"}zi0b() {  z_lucid wait'0b' "$@"}zi0c() {  z_lucid wait'0c' "$@"}


zi0azi light …zi0bzi light …zi0czi light …


Without for syntax

SC: trapd00r/LS_COLORS

# ogham/exa also uses the definitionszi ice wait lucid reset \ atclone"[[ -z \${commands[dircolors]} ]] && local P=g    \${P}sed -i '/DIR/c\DIR 38;5;63;1' LS_COLORS    \${P}dircolors -b LS_COLORS >! clrs.zsh" \ atpull'%atclone' pick"clrs.zsh" nocompile'!' \ atload'zstyle ":completion:*:default" list-colors "${(s.:.)LS_COLORS}";'zi light trapd00r/LS_COLORS

SC: paoloantinori/hhighlighter

zi ice wait lucid pick""zi light paoloantinori/hhighlighter

SC: wfxr/forgit

zi ice wait lucidzi load wfxr/forgit

SC: urbainvaes/fzf-marks

zi ice wait lucidzi load urbainvaes/fzf-marks

SC: hlissner/zsh-autopair

zi ice wait lucid pick'autopair.zsh'zi load hlissner/zsh-autopair

SC: voronkovich/gitignore.plugin.zsh

zi ice wait lucidzi load voronkovich/gitignore.plugin.zsh

SC: xPMo/zsh-toggle-command-prefix

zi ice wait lucidzi light xPMo/zsh-toggle-command-prefix

SC: leonjza/history-here

zi ice wait lucidzi light leonjza/history-here

SC: hkbakke/bash-insulter

zi ice wait lucid pick'src/bash.command-not-found'zi light hkbakke/bash-insulter

SC: leophys/zsh-plugin-fzf-finder

zi ice wait lucid has'fzf' pick'fzf-finder.plugin.zsh'zi light leophys/zsh-plugin-fzf-finder

SC: autosuggestions, fast-syntax-highlighting

zi ice wait lucid atinit"ZI[COMPINIT_OPTS]=-C; zpcompinit; zpcdreplay"zi light z-shell/F-Sy-Hzi ice wait lucid atload"!_zsh_autosuggest_start"zi load zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions

SC: z-shell/zsh-github-issues

zi ice lucid id-as"GitHub-notify" on-update-of"~/.cache/zsh-github-issues/new_titles.log" \  notify"New issue: $NOTIFY_MESSAGE"zi light z-shell/zsh-github-issues

SC: zsh-shell/zsh-startify

zi ice wait lucid atload"zsh-startify"zi load z-shell/zsh-startify

SC: z-shell/declare-zsh

zi ice wait lucidzi load z-shell/declare-zsh

SC: z-shell/zsh-navigation-tools

zi ice wait lucidzi load z-shell/zsh-navigation-tools

SC: z-shell/H-S-MW

zstyle ":history-search-multi-word" page-size "11"zi ice wait lucidzi load z-shell/H-S-MW

SC: z-shell/zui, z-shell/zi-crasis

zi ice wait lucidzi load z-shell/zuizi ice wait"[[ -n ${ZLAST_COMMANDS[(r)cra*]} ]]" lucidzi load z-shell/zi-crasis

SC: z-shell/zredis

zstyle ":plugin:zredis" configure_opts "--without-tcsetpgrp"zstyle ":plugin:zredis" cflags "-Wall -O2 -g -Wno-unused-but-set-variable"zi ice wait lucid atload"ztie -d db/redis -a -zSL main rdhash"zi load z-shell/zredis

With for syntax

SC: zplugin/zsh-exa

zi wait lucid for \  has'exa' atinit'AUTOCD=1' \    zplugin/zsh-exa

GH-R: pemistahl/grex

zi wait lucid for as"command" from"gh-r" \  sbin"grex" \    pemistahl/grex

GH-R: ahmetb/kubectx

zi wait lucid for as"command" from"gh-r" \
bpick"kubectx;kubens" sbin"kubectx;kubens" \

B: stedolan/jq

zi wait lucid for \  atclone"autoreconf -fi && ./configure --with-oniguruma=builtin && make \  && ln -sfv $PWD/jq.1 $ZPFX/man/man1" as"null" if"(( ! ${+commands[jq]} ))" sbin"jq" \    stedolan/jq

GH-R: github/git-sizer

zi wait lucid for \  as"command" from"gh-r" sbin"git-sizer" \    @github/git-sizer